Ok, so the title basically says it all. I've recently started using IE9 (Internet Explorer 9), as it isn't nearly as much of a space hog as FF, Safari, or GC when running. This means that I can do more with it. I can do stuff whilst running it, I can play browser games faster, and it seems to help my computer not be so sucky while running a browser. I know it doesn't make sense since IE is known for being slow (since it's so small, it seems), but at the same time, this makes it faster. I also enjoy the interface more so than that of Safari (which has been even slower than IE for me).

IE9 has worked very well for me. I can play AQW better as my character and rooms load faster, fights also take less time as I don't go uber slow! IE9 also allows for me to efficiently edit the CSS of my website, like FF. With Google Chrome it seems to like not load the CSS very often or something, but anyway with IE9 I can edit the CSS and see the effects immediately, without using a lot of space (like with FF).

So, the point of this was to tell everyone that IE9 doesn't totally suck. It can be slow, sure. But it's nice :) I will continue to use this as my primary browser :D .

FF = Mozilla Firefox
IE = Internet Explorer
GC = Google Chrome

Published 7 years ago (2012-03-13 2AM)

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