Just a few things today.

1. Theme-y stuff

As you can (probably) see, I overhauled just the theme of my site last week and introduced some upgrades to several pages (namely: AQ, SaL, DL area, my portfolio).
I made it a bit easier to navigate around, and added some features to most pages which you can hunt for :)

2. Ads/Business

You may note that there's really only just 1 ad now that cycles. Well if you care at all, it's because I've been working on my ad infrastructure to allow me to open up a business section of my site to allow any business-y visitors to giving me ads to show and stuff like that.
I hope to have it up here soon :3

3. Blob-Ack

I did several things with Blob-Ack with over the past couple weeks. I opened up the latest version to more than just some of you, I've (hopefully) fixed an issue that causes users with smaller screens to have a very derpy experience, and I've allowed everyone to play earlier versions of the game. :D Go Play!

4. World of Warcraft

The day before yesterday I decided to get back into World of Warcraft, much more than I have been before. A big part of the game is currency, a good way to make currency is to play the auction houses around Azeroth. And a good way to give yourself an edge there is to know price history for which The Undermined Journal was a popular source. But, since that has been taken down due to issues with hosting (and I'm much to lazy to find something else besides Market Watcher) last night I started working on my own that will eventually show 30 days of alliance, horde, and neutral Auction House prices for every item on every realm (starting with just a few) as well as current auctions.
And, if I get lucky with the Battle.net API, I may find a way to allow for buyouts and bids on auction items, though I expect not :/
Anyways, in the process of working on this, I made a little PHP function that converts battle.net's simple currency (thousands of copper) into a formatted view of the currency (Xgold XXsilver XXcopper): wowCur

Check back in a few days, I may roll out a beta sign up soon :D

Published 5 years ago (2014-08-06 9AM)

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