I finally finished the new Bootstrap-powered theme for my website, which also led me to recreate a lot of other parts of my site. Here's the 'changelog' :3

  • The download area of my site (dl.zbee.me) now keeps track of how many times files are downloaded.
  • My blog now doesn't suck, doesn't have comments, and unless you select a single post, it only displays the first ~50 words
  • Portfolio
    • You can now navigate between different entries in my portfolio without editing the URL (added next/previous buttons)
    • A portfolio now displays a simple image of the entry instead of an iFrame, which didn't work well on most screen sizes
  • AQW
    • Made a new video for a working trainer for AQ:
    • Added support for Le Bot 8.1, as well as Dark Mystic 3.3 (which has many problems now)

And not only that, but the site is now faster, better organized, and has mobile support, but I also added polls :D
I'll try to add a new one every week or so, but to start there are 3, and it should be working :)

Published 6 years ago (2013-12-13 10AM)

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