Hey Everyone :)

As a lot of you may know, I've been hired and now am working for Hephaestus Games as a Graphic Artist and Web Designer.
So between that and taking on a project I've been planning for a while, I won't be doing a lot of seeable work on the site.

You're probably wondering which project I'm talking about huh? Well, I'm taking on ... Wait for it ... Cudl (henceforth referred to as WeTFoUs)!!! I will release WeTFoUs when it is totally ready and I have a site for it :)

WeTFoUs will feature the following when released:

  • A Facebook and Google login to keep track of your favorited themes and to upload your own.
  • A fully functional Pinterest-like display of uploaded themes
  • Easy searching of themes by multiple criteria including name
  • Simple and smooth integration method into sites

Published 7 years ago (2012-07-29 1PM)

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