Hey everyone,
I just wanted to let you all know (in case you couldn't see them) that I brought "ads" back.

These that I am using as separators (and at the bottom of my sidebar) aren't actually ads, they're referal links advertising adf.ly, which is a great service I found that lets you shrink links and get some money out of it.

So, besides these "seperators" I also have the (hopefully) non-intrusive banner that comes from the top of the page. This banner will be shown to you a maximum of twice a day, will show after being on my site for 20 seconds, and will display a minimum of 10 minutes apart (as in, once it shows, it will may show again as soon as 10 minutes later).

So, these "ads" will help pay for my websites. Using the referal links will help me earn money if you earn money (will not take from you), and the banner just gives me money for you viewing it.

I really hope you guys don't have to much of a problem with the banner or I'll remove it.

This banner is a temporary thing, I'll eventually replace it (and the referal link at the bottom of my sidebar) with a real Google Adsense ad at the bottom of my sidebar.

Published 7 years ago (2012-03-24 3PM)

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