As you all probably know, I've officially declared the start of several large projects. This list shows the progress of them:

  • Snow (Web Dev language): 0% - I'm learning Java
  • Cudl (Website Theme community(?)): 0% - I'm learning Java Script
  • Website Themes (for Cudl, mainly): 65% - I've made a general template and am making installation video
  • Bring back Ads (this could 100% cover the cost of my websites): 25% - I've tried contacting Google and am taking action to get an Adsense account again
  • Newsletter: 100% - I've made the newletter and everything, and sent out my first newsletter
  • Text Only Version of Website: 80% - Most pages are now available in TO
  • Wiki: 25% - Zeke is making and I will install MediaWiki and get the Wiki going
  • Forums: 10% - found a forums service, am having Zeke making, then I'll isntall it and get it going
  • Update SoSimple to 1.2.3: 100%
  • Login System: 0% - I can't get this down. I've going to try to get help from Zeke to make it.
  • Secure (https://) website: 0% - Certificates are expensive

Published 7 years ago (2012-03-20 2PM)

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