I just released Shrink-a-Link on GitHub!!! View HERE

Shrink-a-Link is a link shrinker with some rockin' features:

URL Comparison - If there's already a shrunken link with the URL the user just inputed, it simply returns the shrunken URL.

URL Variety - ~8 million possible shrunken URLs with the default 5 character shrink code

Simplicity - Takes the user's URL, stores it, generates a code, and returns it as a link; simple as that

Input Sanitization - Sanitizes user inputs by removing nasty SQL code such as DELETE and DROP, keeping your table(s) safe

Error Detection - Checks to make sure that the user input something so you don't wind up with a table half empty

Self Cleansing - When a user visits a shrunken url (example.com/uopn2, per se) and that link doesn't have a redirect url attached to it,
 the shrinker deletes the shrink

Themed - Comes with a nice 100% liquid CSS3 theme compatible with most browsers

Free - It's made by me, and therefore free :)

Non-space consuming - Only requires 4 files

Tiny - Coded in less than 300 lines of code

Published 6 years ago (2013-01-18 10AM)

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