Hi All

Wow, I haven't posted in, like, forever! Sorry 'bout that, but as you can see, I've still been very active:

  • Redesigned entire site theme (!)
  • Released 2 updates an a patch for Impression
  • Released 2 GREAT updates for Blob-Ack!
  • Added a 'loading page' div that disappears when page finishes loading
  • Redesigned Themes page layout
  • Re-sized the Terminal Theme (and actually put up a DL)
  • Patched Grey Walrus and Newt Themes
  • Added an AQ section (for AQWorlds mods)
  • Made a new logo (see it to the left of the navigation ^)
  • Made a games page and play it buttons for my games
  • Added a Hire Us page
  • Added a Youtube video (see on AQ page)
  • Cleaned up the back-end of my site
  • Released one new theme, 'bout done with 2-3 more (dunno if I'll publish one)
  • Released two wallpapers (see them in my store)
  • Took down my Wiki and Forums (don't worry, I have back-ups of them, but they were only being used for spam)
  • Exceeded 2,000 unique visits (might do a contest)
  • And more!

Published 7 years ago (2012-10-04 9AM)

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