So, I've got some announcements today!

  1. I'm learning Flash and ActionScript for Game Development
  2. I'm creating my own version of Pong (my own graphics)
  3. Once I get good with Flash and ActionScript, I'll rewrite Impression and Blob-Ack! in it
  4. Cudl (name will be changed) is progressing, I've now partnered with Zeke to make it
  5. Snow (name will be changed) is still on hold until I learn Java, which I am doing
  6. My Contest is almost over and I'm about to award the winner! I'm very excited
  7. I'm still working on Impression: "I'm also soon going to update Impression to 0.1.3a, hopefully with working shooting smoother animations, chests that give score, and another level :)"
  8. My shoutbox will be trashed once the contest is over as it drastically increases load time
  9. I believe I've found a name for my future company!
  10. I've joined Project Honey Pot
  11. I've updated SoSimple to 1.2.5 - V40

Published 7 years ago (2012-04-30 4PM)

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