Hey everybody.

As you can see from the header, I've been updating SoSimple, a LOT.

Just in the past few days I've updated from V32 to V39!

New In these Updates: (from ReadMe)

V39 - 3/27/12
Added other 25% of Aether blocks
Changed Aether GUI to default
Fixed some Stone-y block

V38 - 3/26/12 Added 25% of Aether blocks
Changed the art
Re-did Netherrack

V37 - 3/26/12
Updated to 1.2.4
Updated Armours
Updated Pack Title Images
Updated website (http://zbeedev.com/sosimple)
Deleted Text Only Version of the Website
Added the new mobs
Added 50% Aether support
Finally got a hand from my friend, changed from "made by Zbee" to "made by ZbeeDEV"
Edited ReadMe to make it the Updates more separated
Added Ender Dragon
Edited Credits
Deleted useless/bad files

I also made a Video showing off the Texture Pack! :D

SoSimple 1.2.4 - V39
View SoSimple 1.2.4 - V39 on Planet Minecraft

I hope that all of this works and everything for everybody! Please email me if it doesn't ([email protected]).

Published 7 years ago (2012-03-27 9AM)

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